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Welcome to the League Trading Simulator Program

As part of the simulator period, you will receive the following:
- A one month trial on a professional trading platform with live prices, charting software and advanced order entry.
- Ability to test your unique trading strategy.
- $100,000 of margin to SIM your program.
- A multi-stage review of your trading results.
- Summary of monthly simulator periods with statistics and metrics to measure your performance.
- Consideration to become a live proprietary trader.
- Please be aware most simulator candidates are not successful.

A few notes as you start our simulator program:
- We ask that you conduct your SIM trading as if you were trading in a Live Environment; every trade matters.
- You may trade any CBOT, CME, NYMEX & COMEX futures product. Options are not analyzed at this time.
- All your trading data is fed into our analyzer, so there is no need to send us your results.
- You must SIM your Strategy for a minimum of 20 business days for us to provide a complete analysis.
- We will email your results soon after the end of the simulator period.
- After 90 days and positive results on the simulator we will review your results and may further contact you as warranted.

Please email us with any questions.

League Simulator Team

Instructions - Please read!

1. Complete the registration form below and click “Register”.
2. Remember the email address and password, you will need them again.
3. You will be redirected to Paypal's website for payment, the cost is $175.00/month.
4. After payment is made, LOGIN to League’s website using the email address and password, complete the simulator form.
5. You will receive an email containing your login credentials and instructions on downloading the simulator trading software.

Simulator Signup Access Request